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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

REISHI Hope for Cancer sufferers?

There is always hope, so say "yes!".

While researching the effects of REISHI_LINGZHI on laboratory mice being treated for CANCER, Dr. Ito recorded an alarming result; In the subjects involved in his research Metastasis of the cancerous cells was arrested. That being the desired result Dr. Ito went on to document the extent of the effect that REISHI_LINGZH had on the cancerous cells.

Noted effects were as follows:

1. The REISHI_LINGZHI treatment had reinforced the membrane of the cancerous cells, thus impeding further spreading of the CANCER.

2. The REISHI_LINGZHI treatment had also prevented formation of thrombi, which allowed better fusion of medication.

3. The side-effects of other CANCER treatments including chemotherapy and anti-tumor drugs had been reduced and the effectiveness of these treatments increased by introducing the REISHI_LINGZH treatment. An all-round positive for a CANCER sufferer.

4. The REISHI_LINGZHI treatment aided in normalizing the subjects body systems, reducing further health complications during treatment.

During most treatments for CANCER, scar tissue is formed around the cancerous cells. This scar tissue ultimately causes further infection and spreading of cancerous cells if left unchecked - an undesirable side-effect. The body's natural reaction to this is to form thrombi around the diseased area in an attempt to isolate this spreading. While this is somewhat effective in slowing or stopping the spread in this immediate area, the thrombi also inhibits the effective re-treatment of the area with medication by becoming a substantial barrier.


Traditionally an Anticoagulant is used to counter the thrombi and allow further treatment of the cancerous cells with medication and chemotherapy. This particular method of treatment carries an inherent risk since the subject is now prone to uncontrollable bleeding, thanks to the Anticoagulant. This is where REISHI_LINGZHI can help. REISHI_LINGZHI and its ability to inhibit the formation of thrombi in cancer treatment patients - without the side-effects that an Anticoagulant imposes; is proving to be an invaluable contribution in the CANCERtreatment process. Also stabilizing and normalizing the majority of body functions and immune system. The boost that REISHI_LINGZHI provides assists the treatment patient to fight further attacks from non-related illness whilst undergoing Cancer Treatment.


Another risk in this CANCER treatment is the possibility of thrombi multiples being carried by the blood stream and lodging in other parts of the system, this causing Phlebitis and spontaneous bruising from clogged blood vessels. A worst case scenario of this side-effect is Arteriosclerosis which can be fatal. Cerebro-Vascular Accident (CVA), commonly known as a Stroke; may occur if the Cerebrum or Coronary Arteries are blocked due to this side-effect, as well as Myocardial Infarction.


It is a fact that CANCER Treatment patients more often die from treatment related complications or subsequent illness than from the CANCER itself. REISHI_LINGZHI'S ability to assist in the prevention of thrombi formation plays a significant role in preventing the side-effects and related complications which can be fatal at worst, and very trying at best. It could be said that REISHI_LINGZHI can arrest the spread of cancerous cells via thrombi formation and transfer. The results of Dr Ito's research support this.
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