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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What can REISHI do?

There are many pages of both scientific reports and personal experiences around the web regarding REISHI_LINGZHI. By all accounts REISHI_LINGZHI has had many positive effects for many people and in many ailments. One could say it is nearly impossible to fathom how many conditions REISHI_LINGZHI is capable of assisting with. Just a handful of the health problems Reishi has shown positive results in treatment for would take pages upon pages to document. Let's look at the main-stream or current issues which REISHI_LINGZHI has shown positive results in treatment for.


Cholesterol, a big issue today in many cultures. Our complicated, busy lifestyles of excess come at a price. Illness arising from excess cholesterol intake through our modern diets can cause health issues later in life, if not right now. Contributing factors of such conditions might include consumption of Heavy Carbohydrates, food lacking in good fiber, high Sodium content, food containing more processed ingredients and the big one; high meat consumption.

Effects of excess cholesterol intake are many and varied, the most concerning however would be reduced circulatory efficiency. The heart, arteries, capillaries and veins all make up the circulatory system and are essential for carryingoxygen and nutrients to all areas of the body, removing waste products and regulating body temperature. A lot like a city's water supply and sewer system; any blockages or failures and the effects can be immediate and problematic, and if left unattended, well you could probably work that one out.


If that wasn't concerning enough, reduced circulatory performance due to fatty deposits in the system can also lead to high blood pressure and other very uncomfortable conditions such as Hemorrhoids. A direct result of poor circulation, Hemorrhoids can be reduced or completely rectified by improving blood circulation. This is where REISHI_LINGZHI can help, once again.


Tests have been conducted where 3 groups of subjects on specific controlled diets were monitored and the results were as follows: Group 1 - High fat diet, Group 2 - High fat diet + Reishi, Group 3 Healthy Diet. Group 1 results show excess levels of cholesterol, triglyceride (fatty acids) and protein. Group 2 results show far less dangerous levels of all three elements. In fact the levels were only slightly more than Group 3 - the Healthy Diet group. Reishi had kept in check the dangerous side effects of an unhealthy diet, by helping the body process and remove fatty acids more efficiently.


Now this is not an excuse to go and eat excessively knowing there is a get out of jail free card waiting for us, nor is it the answer to our prayers to have our cake and eat it too. A healthy diet and regular exercise is always a better option, as some of the effects of poor circulation can be long term and the damage done to tissues and organs can be very long term if not irreversible. However, REISHI_LINGZHI does present itself to be a great tool in assisting those with a lower metabolism and or reduced physical capacity ie: the inability to exercise regularly or effectively.Click Here!


Regular use of REISHI_LINGZHI to assist in maintaining a higher level of health and wellbeing seems to be a very simple addition to any routine. Whether you visit a gym 5 days a week, or one, or simply have a busy lifestyle and could use a boost. REISHI_LINGZHI is proving to be able to assist people do all of that and then some. More and more tests and studies of this apparently wonderful herb are coming up with positive result after positive result.

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